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Getting Started Checklist · 30th September 2006
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A quick overview of posting Articles, Ads, Events and more.

One of the most overlooked keys to a successful website is interesting, high-quality information. Tideline's direct-edit features makes it easy for you, and whoever you choose, to easily add new information directly from any browser. It's as easy as 1-2-3:


1. Click any "Add" link.
Every person who you have given permission to post items will see these "Add" links sprinkled throughout the site. For example, just below the title for most sections is an "Add" link. Some things, like help topics, favorite links and reader polls can only be added by editors...so only editors will see the "add" links for these.

2. Fill out the dialog.
When you click an "Add" link a dialog with a form to fill out will appear in a pop-up window. Some items are required (they have an asterisk) and others are optional. A password can be added to any item to prevent other folks from editing or deleting it. Be sure to click the "Add" button at the bottom of every dialog when you are done.

3. Approve the new posting.
Some people can post directly to the website...while others may have to have their posting reviewed by an editor first.

If a posting needs reviewing, you will be alerted of this via "Editor Alerts". (See the topic "7: Turn on Editor Alerts" for details)

To review a posting, use the EDITOR TOOLS > DAILY TOOLS > REVIEW tool to go to the "Editor's Review Board". Read, edit, approve or reject the postings there.

Editing and deleting items is done much the same way as adding. If a person has permission to edit or delete items, they will see "edit" and "del" links with each item. If the item has a password attached, that same password must be entered to make edits or to delete it. Editors, or course, don't need to know the password...they are empowered to make any changes to anything they want.

You, as editor, get to decide who can add, edit and delete items. (For details on this, see the topic "4: Set Security & Access")