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Getting Started Checklist · 3rd October 2006
Stonebreaker Designs
The Frontpage is the home page for your site. It's what your readers first see and what they come back to time and again. So you need full control over what is on it and how it is arranged. Tideline gives you all that with direct-edit flexibility. Here are a few of the highlights:

The frontpage has a few features unique to it. You make changes to these using the FRONTPAGE tools in the Editor Toolbar.

Editor's Note
You have the option to add your own "note" to the frontpage. It can say whatever you like and be placed anywhere on the page. Add a photo or Flash animation. Edit this note using the Editor's Note tool.
Weather Tabs
Depending on where you live, you can have weather forecasts, tides, moon and sun info updated automatically each day. The Weathertool lets you set this up.
Tidepool Critters
Lovers of whimsy will like the animated tideline critters that can appear randomly on the frontpage. Some move and scurry, others don't. All can be dragged by readers if in the way. Those who don't want this feature can turn it off. The Tidepool Critters tool is the keys to the shoreline.
Quick Search box
Tideline has a search feature built-in. Place a search box on front page to give immediate search access to your readers.
Subscribe box
Show and customize a set of quick links for your readers to subscribe to your content.
Custom HTML
You can place custom text, photos and even html code anywhere on the frontpage using the Add Custom Element tool.

The majority of the Frontpage is usually used to display the latest of each type of posting. You can choose which types of postings to show and how they are layed out using the POSTINGS tools in the Editor Toolbar.

Classified Ads
Choose how many to show and how they are displayed using the Classified Ads tool.
Choose from many customizations including how many show photos to how much text is displayed. Lots of choices to make it how you want it with the Articles tool.
Event Calendar
A mini, two-month, calendar and event list. Click any day to add a new event. Customize how many events appear and how much you see of each. The big calendar layout is just a click away. The Events tool is the control center for this.
Featured Biz or Group Sponsor
You pick how they get rotated through and where they appear with the Biz & Groups tool.
Marketplace products
If your biz or groups sponsors have listed products for sale, you can show these products on the frontpage. Use the Biz & Groups tool to customize this.
The Gallery
Show one, two, three or more items from your Gallery section. Choose how they are rotated through...or pick your favorite. Use the Galleries tool for this.
Reader Poll
Give your readers a chance to vote on the latest poll. Choose whether to list polls and where they show up using the Polls tool.
The lastest items posted to your maps can be displayed and even flipped through. Use the Maps tool.
Favorite Links
Here you can see a collection of the editor's choice from the Favorite Links section. Use the Links tool to control this on your Frontpage.

If you've created custom sections on your website you can list these on the frontpage as well. Lots of possible ways to highlight the newest info from these sections. Use the Special Sections Editor Tool for this.
Use the FRONTPAGE Editor tools for Frontpage specialties
Use the FRONTPAGE Editor tools for Frontpage specialties
Use the POSTINGS Editor tools for placing the latest postings on your Frontpage
Use the POSTINGS Editor tools for placing the latest postings on your Frontpage