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Getting Started Checklist · 5th October 2006
Stonebreaker Designs
Tideline comes with a default visual look...ready to go. However for all those who want to craft their own look, there are a number of tools built-in to help you do just that.

Nestled at the top of every page is the masthead image along with your website title, date and menubar. Make changes to this area using the DESIGN & LAYOUT tools in the Editor Toolbar.

Masthead Image
The masthead will display any image you want. In fact it can display a different image for each of six periods of the day, from sunrise to midnight if you wish. Use the Visual Designer tool to choose a built-in image or to use your own custom image.

Website Title
You can choose the Title text, size, color and position using the Masthead Title & Date tool. Some editors put the title directly into their masthead image using Photoshop or another image program. If so you can hide the text title.

Tideline can display current date and time of day. You can set options for this using the Masthead Title & Date tool.

Editor's Alert
You can ask the Tideline to recognize your machine even when you are not signed in. It will then display orange numbers in the top right corner. These alert you to any new messages and new items awaiting your review. Click them to sign in. You can set options for this using the Security & Access tool.

Drop-down menus provide access to all parts of the site. As editor, you can customize these menus in several ways. Use the Menubar tool to add, delete and rearrange menus and commands. Add any custom command you want or choose from built-in ones.

In addition you can duplicate the menubar, fully open, along the right side of the website. The Menubar tool makes it happen.

And finally, editors get their own Editor's Toolbar when they sign it. This gives you access to all your tools for managing the site.

The background image used behind every page really sets the tone for your site. You can change this image using the Visual Designer tool. Experiment by choosing different built-in images...or even your own custom image.

Tideline comes with a collection of different fonts and colors called "Skins". You can set the default "skin" for your site using the Skins tool. You can also remove certain skins from the choices readers have. Readers change "skins" using the "Reader Options" command on the "Help & Options" menu.