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Postings · 12th November 2009
Tideline allows readers to post "basic", text-only, business or group listings. Editors can promote a basic listings to "sponsor-level". Editors can give any sponsor the ability to list "products". Sponsors who can list products are sometimes also referred to as "vendors" in Tideline editor dialogs. Products are listed on the sponsor's page. Products from all sponsors are grouped together onto a single "Marketplace" page.

Basic "Business and Group" listings are text only. The only place these listings are displayed in Tideline is on the main "Business and Groups" page. To create a new "Basic" listing, readers click the "List Your Biz or Group" link at the top of this page.

People who want to be Sponsors must first create a Basic listing. Then they need to let the Editors know they would like to be promoted to a Sponsor. Most Tideline editors charge an annual fee for being a Sponsor. Editors can promote any existing Basic listing to "Sponsor-level".

A "Sponsor" listing has the following enhanced features over a Basic listing:

A primary photo. This photo is shown wherever the sponsor listing is displayed in Tideline. This photo is sized to 300 pixels wide.

Their own page with enhanced profile. Each sponsor has their own "Sponsor Page" with an expanded profile section. This profile includes up to five photos, expanded text, and detailed contact information. The top photo is the "primary photo" for that sponsor. To view this page, readers click the Sponsor's name or photo in any sponsor listing.

Editors can make changes to this profile, or they can let the Sponsor do it directly. Editors can assign a password to each Sponsor. With this password a Sponsor can sign in to just their own Sponsor page and make the edits to just this page directly and instantly. To sign in to their page the Sponsor must click the "Sponsor Sign In" link in the upper right corner of their own page and then enter their password. It is important to note that Sponsors when signed in are not "staff members" of your Tideline website. Sponsors only have enhanced privileges on their own pages.

Sponsor listings, like Basic listings, are shown on the main "Business and Groups" page. However they also have their primary photo displayed. In addition Sponsors appear in several other places:

The Frontpage. Editors can display Sponsor listings on the frontpage of their Tideline. Sponsor listings are picked randomly with each page request so each Sponsor has an equal chance of being featured over time.

The Right Sidebar. Editors can also choose to display Sponsor listings in the right sidebar that appears on the right hand side of every Tideline page. Again these are selected randomly by Tideline code so all Sponsors are shown roughly the same number of times.

Special Sections. If Editors create special sections in their Tideline, they can choose to show Sponsor listings on a section's frontpage. In this case Editors can choose to feature a single Sponsor, or single category of Sponsor.

Weekly Newsletters. Tideline randomly picks a Sponsor to include with each newsletter that is emailed out. If you have 100 subscribers then Tideline will randomly pick from your Sponsor listings 100 times for that weeks mailing and include each random pick in one of the 100 copies sent out. That way many Sponsors get featured each week in email to somebody.

Editors can allow any Sponsor to list "Products". A product listing contains:
A Product Category.
Primary Photo
Additional photos
Price list
Online Payment HTML

All of a Sponsor's products are listed, in brief, on that Sponsor's page. Clicking any product in this list will display the full page for that product. A product's page includes all the detailed product info. In addition it can display a form to allow the reader to send a product inquiry directly to the Sponsor via email from the webpage. Also, if the Sponsor included online payment html (such as a PayPal button) the reader can click this to buy directly online through this service.

To make it easy for readers to browse all the products offered by ALL Sponsors, Tideline has a "Marketplace" page. This Marketplace page groups all products from all Sponsors into categories and sub-categories. Readers browse though these product categories much as they do on many shopping websites. When they see a product they are interested in, clicking that product listing will display the full page for that product.