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Advanced features · 22nd October 2008
Tideline has 4 built-in "skins" or "stylesheets". It is not a good idea to alter any of these 4 built-in stylesheets, as they occasionally are updated by me to accommodate new features. When they are updated, any edits you make will be lost.

However it is possible to design your own "skin". You can then allow your readers to choose it along with the others...or you can restrict them to just this one "skin".

To create your own 5th "skin" you need to be experienced in editing CSS stylesheets and have FTP access to your webfolders.

Here is overview of the steps needed:

STEP 1: you need to go to your webserver and create a new folder inside your /httpdocs/skins folder. this should be called: 1_5.

STEP 2: then copy the files from the closest existing skin. For example if you want to modify "bold" then copy files from 1_2 folder to your new 1_5 folder. Next you need to rename the files you copied into your 1_5 folder to be named: skin5.css, tp_custom.gif, tp_customx.gif.

STEP 3: You then need to edit these files to be how you want them. skin5.css needs to be edited by text editor to have new CSS styles you want. You will need a development tool that allows your browser to display CSS class and id values for objects in the tideline interface. The developer toolbar in firefox can do this. You need to be able to find the class and id names for the objects you want to change....then find them in skin5.css and modify their style properties. If they are not already in skin5.css you can add them.

the .gif files can be edited by photoshop...or just replaced with new ones created in photoshop.

STEP 4: When all done, use the EDITOR TOOLS > DESIGN & LAYOUT > Skins: Fonts & Colors editor tool to enable your new skin and make it selectable. If you want to force your users to use this one...then disable all the other skins.