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Database, Backups & Archiving · 10th August 2008
Stonebreaker Designs
Tideline uses a MySQL database to store all the unique info for your website.

The Editor's Desk page has a panel called "Your Database" which tells you about your current database usage and gives you tools to backup and archive your database.

The maximum allowable size of that database is determined by your hosting company. In most of the cases Tideline is hosted by WebQualityHost. To determine your actual allowable db size, please contact your hosting company. StonebreakerDesigns does not know this information.

Your Tideline code also does not know what your real max db size is. However you can tell Tideline what your max db size is and Tideline will alert you when you get close to this level. When you look at the "Your Database" panel you see:

Your database is xx% full.
Amount used: xxxxKB
Maximum allowed: xxxxKB

The % full and maximum allowed values displayed are based on a value Tideline code has been told about when it was installed. Again Tideline does not know what your max allowed size really is...it only knows what it has been told. You can tell Tideline any value you want for "Maximum allowed" and it will NOT change the actual max allowed by your hosting company. It only changes what Tideline thinks you are allowed. To change what value Tideline thinks is your max allowed use the "Change maximum allowed size" command in the "Your Database" panel.

Tideline will warn you when the database gets close to the max size Tideline has been told is allowed. Tideline will never act on this info in any way except to warn you, as Tideline doesn't know how accurate the info it has been given on max size really is.

Tideline automatically makes a backup of the database each night. It keeps that backup for seven days. In otherwords you have a backup for each of last seven days. It also keeps ONE backup for each of the last 12 months. Backups can be used to rebuild Tideline db if something bad happens to it...but it isn't easy to do, and i've never had to do it for any Tideline website so far.

You can make your own manual backup at any time by using the "Make a back up copy (save on the server)" command in the "Your Database" panel. But there are very few reasons to do this. I don't know anyone who has used this...but perhaps some editor has for some reason.

Backups do NOT change the content of the database...they just make a copy of the data.

If your database really does get too full, you can remove some info from it by making an "archive". You use the "Archive deleted and old items (save on server)" command in the "Your Database" panel. You pick which old or deleted items you want removed from the database and these are saved in an "archive". Please note that "archives" contain the data but there is no automated way to put this info back into the database. It must be done by hand by someone who knows MySQL. So don't expect it to be an easy two-way street please. Don't do it unless you need to...or really don't want the info anymore.

By default, all backups and archives are stored up on the server along with the rest of your Tideline stuff. Some people may like to keep copies of these on their own machines for double-safety. If you are such a person, Tideline provides an easy way to download backups and archives to your machine. Use the "Download backups and archives from server to my computer" command on the "Your Database" panel. This will let you pick the files from the server and have them downloaded to your machine.