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Daily Editor Tasks · 3rd October 2006
Stonebreaker Designs
Tideline organizes all the crucial stats about your website in one place: The Editor Desk. This is the home page for editors. A quick glance down through it's panels each day will keep you informed of the big trends and issues on your site.

The panels are:

The top panel is the most important to check. It gives you the key stats and any alerts that need your immediate attention. If any of the other panels on this page have an alert, that is displayed as well in this top panel. So this is the only panel you need to check regularly.

The next panel provides stats on which areas your readers are visiting. Each area lists the current month stats as well as the overall total since you started your Tideline. For more info about what exactly is tracked, click the * in each row. You'll get a pop-up explanation. If you want a chart showing month-by-month totals, click the row's "chart" link.

One thing to note is the difference between visitors and frontpage. The frontpage stat records every request for your frontpage. Visitor stat is only recorded the first time a reader views the frontpage with a new browser window. Later requests from that browser will be counted in frontpage but not visitors.

This panel shows the number of each kind of item you have on your entire Tideline. For example, how many Articles you have. This includes items awaiting review as well as deleted and expired items.

This panel shows the status of your email subscription service. It also lists the number of subscribers you have for each. You can view your subscribers info and change your preferences for this feature by using the preferences link. This is the same as the Email Subscriptions tool on the editor toolbar.

This panel tries to give you a rough idea of your Database usage. Your database is at the heart of your Tideline website. All posting text and options from editors and readers reside in the database. Photos and attachments however are not in the database. The size of the database you are allowed to have depends on your website hosting company. Tideline attempts to show you how much space it is using...but this is only an approximation.

In addition, Tideline provides some tools in this panel for backing up, archiving and cleaning up your database. Normally you will not need to do these things unless your database starts getting too full for what you are allowed. Editors concerned about backups may want to occasionally save backups of their database on their local computer using these tools.

Each night Tideline can run a housekeeping program that does many tasks essential to the smooth and proper functioning of your Tideline. This panels tells you when this housekeeping program was last run. The tasks it does are listed here. Although it is rare you would need to, you can run any or all of the tasks by clicking on that task's name here. For example if you have posted a number of new items that you want published on your RSS feeds right away, you could choose the "Update RSS Feeds" task to update them.

This panel lists your current Tideline version and information about whether you are registered with StonebreakerDesigns to receive updates. In addition, the latest status of your Update Service is listed. If you are registered, you can check for, and install, any new updates from here.

Tideline lets you either expose, or attempt to hide, your website from search engines. This bottom panel shows the details about this. The main way for many search engines to navigate your Tideline is through a "Site Index". This is not the most reader-friendly format so it is not advertised as a human reader entry point. But it is viewable via this link as well as other links that search engines see. As editor you can view the site index and change your preferences for this feature here.

Editor Desk has panels showing the stats and information for key areas of your Tideline website.
Editor Desk has panels showing the stats and information for key areas of your Tideline website.