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Getting Started Checklist · 8th October 2006
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You need to sign in to Tideline before it can recognize you as an editor.

Choose the "Sign In" command from the "Help & Options" menu. By default, this menu appears both as a drop-down menu at the top of each page...and as an open menubar on the right side of each page.

When you choose the "Sign In" command, a dialog window will appear with a form for you to fill out.

Enter the SignIn Name and Password that was given to you when your Tideline was installed. Then click the SignIn button.

Tideline will check that your name and password are correct and sign you in. Once signed in, the Tideline interface changes to present you with all the Editor Tools you need to manage the website.

By far the most important part of security is protecting your password. You should choose a new one first thing. Choose a hard to guess password and don't let others see it. It is also a very good idea to change your password often. To change your password, choose the "View My Page" command on the Help & Options menu. Once there, use the "Change My Password" option.

Anyone who learns your password, can sign in and pretend to be you. Anything they do will appear to have been done by you.


Don't write your password down

Don't use the same password for everything in your life. If a person learns this password they have access to all you private stuff.

One good password trick is to think of a sentence that means something to you about the site. Then make your password the first letter of each word in that sentence.

You must include at least one number or punctuation mark in your password for this site. It is a very good idea for all passwords that allow it.

Your password is encrypted (scrambled) in such a way that nobody can ever see what it is. If you forget your password, an Editor must reset it for you to a new one.


Most Tidelines will use a secure server for this sign in dialog. This prevents anyone from snooping on your password as it travels the web from your computer to your Tideline website. Most browsers show a padlock or other icon which indicates that it is a secure server.

Your sign-in session expires if you don't do anything for awhile. For your security, Tideline will sign you out automatically if you do not interact with the Tideline server for awhile. You can set how long this time is using the Security & Access EDITOR TOOL.

Tideline will lock-out any staff member that has had a number of password errors in a row. Crackers try to break into websites by guessing passwords of members. For your security, Tideline guards against that by locking out the account of any staff member in which a number of incorrect passwords were entered in a row. To unlock these staff member accounts, an editor must sign in and visit that staff member's profile page. Once there the editor needs to change the password for that person. This will also unlock the account.

Tideline passwords are encrypted and impossible for anyone to unencrypt. This great for security, but a problem if you happen to forget your password. If a staff member forgets their password, an editor must sign in and visit that staff member's profile page. Once there the editor needs to change the password for that person.